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Welcome to the wonderful world of online grocery shopping! No longer will you have to make the long trek to pickup the necessities of life. Thanks to the stunning innovations in technology, you can now order food and personal items directly from your home PC! Items are delivered by our first class delivery drivers from nearby warehouses directly to your front door. After you place your order, you will receive a guaranteed delivery time range and delivery fee. To begin, simply register or Sign In today!

About This Site

This site was created for educational purposes by Stephen Eskin and Jeff Lasser for the Database Design Project for the University of Maryland's CMSC424 Database Design course. It is a fictional representation of modern online grocery delivery services, and is not meant to be an actual product. No claims are made of ownership of any images, product information, or other intellectual property other than program and database code. A majority of the product data has come from Safeway Grocery Delivery and is © 2009-2010 Safeway, Inc. [ Note: There is also a walkthrough of features available. ]